07 November 2015

Daniel's article on evidence for horses in Ancient America has been published by BYU Studies!

It has taken a lot of time, research, editing, revision, and revisiting, but Daniel's article on horses in Ancient America has officially been published by BYU Studies Quarterly, entitled "Hard" Evidence of Ancient American Horses. It is in their latest issue, vol. 54, no. 3. Initially, the editors objected to the original title, saying that the evidence wasn't all that hard. Daniel explained that it really was a play on words, since the evidence presented consisted of bones and teeth, which are hard substances. Putting the word in quotes finally satisfied them.

We are very excited to have this information available to a wide audience. Some of it comes from the chapter on the Caves of Loltún from An LDS Guide to the Yucatán, which was further refined in Daniel's presentation on the subject at one of the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum's annual conferences. More information was gathered during the research and preparation of this final paper, which contains images of rarely-seen artifacts from various museum collections and a graphic prepared by Daniel that visually explains the surprising findings of stratigraphic digs from sections of the Loltún Caves. We wish to thank Jack Welch for the initial suggestion and for all those who participated and assisted in bringing all this information together in final form for the publication of this article.

Click here to read the full article online from BYU Studies.