18 August 2008

Our first review!

The first official review of the book is in and we are happy to report that it is positive. Diane Wirth, a renowned LDS scholar and author on ancient cultures, had this to say:

"The authors, Johnson, Cooper and Gasser, make it very clear that they are not scholars on Mesoamerican history or archaeology; but, I must say, they have done their research well. Even though this book is for the layperson, they give many bits and pieces of useful information for the traveler to the sites of Mesoamerica. A photo of a gold plate/disc with hieroglyphs from Chichen Itza that they saw in storage at the Peabody Museum at Harvard, is an example of an important artifact that has been overlooked by most scholars. This find is extremely important to Latter-day Saints, since the Book of Mormon was inscribed with writing on golden plates..."

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04 August 2008

The book is now available!

After almost a year of hard work and months of waiting, the book is finally printed and ready for distribution. It is currently available online at our publisher's website and Amazon.com. We recommend ordering it directly from the publisher for a discount. Here is the link:


Check back for further news about buying it at bookstores and upcoming events.
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