05 June 2011

Successful Chilean fireside

Daniel had been contacted by a bishop in Chile about doing an online fireside for his ward in Chile. The original date was postponed due to a funeral that same evening. Luckily, the event was rescheduled for last month and completed using a video call through Skype.

The fireside was eventually held on Sunday 29 May. Daniel had to rush home after church because of the time difference. A few technical glitches later and everything was up and running. For about an hour, Daniel used a webcam and microphone to give our latest presentation in Spanish. On the other side of the connection was the El Libertador ward in Chillán, Chile. Attendees could watch and hear Daniel on a laptop and see slides from the presentation projected up on a wall. The fireside was organized and presided over by Álvaro Rodrigo, Figueroa Zapata, bishop of the ward. We are told that all who attended had a good time and learned a lot about archaeology and the Book of Mormon. According to Bishop Figueroa, there aren't many Spanish resources for this kind of information on Book of Mormon scholarship.

We are pleased that information from our book and studies are being appreciated in other parts of the world. Bishop Figueroa has translated some of Daniel's BMAF presentation and other papers into Spanish on his own blog. We have also become aware of a blog that has translated this content into Portuguese. Maybe one day we will be able to actually travel to these countries to meet members and give presentations in person there.

Visit the El Libertador ward's Facebook page.