29 October 2010

Back from the conference

Daniel and Derek attended the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum's annual conference, held this year at the Sheraton in downtown Salt Lake City. This was a big event, with over 270 people in attendance. Richard Bushman, acclaimed historian and expert on Joseph Smith's history, was the keynote speaker. He spoke about the importance of gold plates in LDS history, even mentioning some items that Daniel had in his presentation.

Daniel was the second speaker, using up every minute and then some of his allotted hour. He was only able to answer a few questions posed to him afterward, as he needed to clear the stage for other presentations, but his table out in the hall was flooded with attendees who were waiting in line to ask additional questions and buy a copy of our book. Derek and Daniel had their hands full just taking money and handing out copies. They sold out of the stock they had on hand, so Daniel had to direct others wanting a copy to buy them online or from bookstores. It's hard to predict the number that will be sold at these events; usually there are some left over.

Currently, Daniel is working on creating a website based on his presentation, using his PowerPoint files as visuals and audio from his talk at the conference. That link will be posted as soon as it is up. Stay tuned for that notice.