29 December 2010

End of the year news

Greetings and happy holidays from all of us! To keep you updated on what we have been doing since our last post, here is the latest. The Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum has linked to Daniel's online version of the presentation he gave at their annual conference this October. That page can be found here. The landing page with this link also links to many interesting articles addressing other related topics such as critiques of North American geographical models, pre-1830 historical sources relating to Ancient America, and even an analysis of the claim that Book of Mormon events took place in Malaysia. This landing page can be found by clicking here. Some good answers to many questions currently being asked about the Book of Mormon are in these articles.

In other news, at the conference Daniel met Steve Thomas, who has been working on a documentary about evidences for the Book of Mormon, entitled Another Witness: A Case for the Book of Mormon. Steve really enjoyed Daniel's presentation, especially the section mentioning Edward Thompson, who found many gold plates and disks in the sacrificial cenote at Chichén Itzá. Wanting to include this information and photos in his documentary, Steve recently flew out to California to film an interview with Daniel in his home for inclusion in the final documentary. They had a good time and talked about many issues relating to finds of ancient writings on metal plates, both in the Americas and in the Eastern hemisphere. We will keep you posted on how this project develops and if the film comes to completion.