18 July 2009

Back from Utah and yet another fireside

Daniel got back early this week after a jam-packed book trip to Utah. Since Derek and his family live there now, he was able to join him in the book signings. It was a bit different than the events held in California, but we had a good time and there were many opportunities to talk to many people about the book. Even with the short amount of time there, Daniel was able to give two firesides that were well attended. Many people asked questions and wanted to know about the places we went and what we had discovered. There still seems to be a lot of interest in this topic, so we are excited to share what we are still learning. Recently, we have looked into some unexpected correlations between Mayan glyphs and Book of Mormon names, so we should have more info on that shortly.

Without much time to rest, we will be giving a fireside at our chapel in Petaluma. Daniel and Jared have been working on the presentation to tighten it up and add some new information on Mayan writing, so if you have seen it before, please come over because it's all new again! The fireside will be Sunday 19 July at 7:00 pm.