14 July 2010

Back from Idaho book events

Daniel is back home from book signings and firesides in Idaho. There were some unexpected moments along the way, but everything turned out well. Daniel learned the dangers of crossing time zones, faulty old water pipes, misleading speed limit signs near small towns, and sudden storms that can blow trees over on your vehicle.

The first event was at Crowley's Quad. This was a small but very nice bookstore at the Magic Valley Mall in Twin Falls. Richard Crowley is the owner and he is very friendly. Daniel had a table near the entrance and was able to meet customers and sign books. He actually sold all of our books that were left in the store. Truth be told, they had been selling well before the book signing event and there were only two left by the time Daniel arrived. But that's a good thing, right?

That evening, Daniel gave a fireside at Doug Christensen's home. Doug is a principal member of the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum and had offered to invite his friends, some of whom came to the book signing. Daniel wishes to thank Doug and his lovely wife for the use of their beautiful home. Even though it was a surprisingly stormy night, participation was good and all enjoyed refreshments of coconut cream pie afterward.

The event in Burley was planned for the next morning, but a broken water main flooded the store on the previous day and it had to be closed down, canceling the book signing and fireside on Saturday morning. But Daniel stayed in contact with the owner, and a new event was quickly organized later in the week when Daniel was passing through on his way to Utah. The Book Plaza in Burley is a very interesting store, with the outside decorated to look like a castle. It has a nice, tree-lined grassy field next to it and the store had set up booths and displays outside. Daniel had a table out here to meet customers and sign their books. As a special surprise, Derek happened to be in the area traveling for work and was able to stop by as well. They both had a good time and we recommend these stores if you happen to be going through Idaho.

Stay tuned for more events and news this fall.