12 September 2010

Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum's conference

It's still over a month away, but we wanted to announce that Daniel will be a presenter at this year's BMAF conference. The event will be held on Saturday 23 October in downtown Salt Lake City. Other speakers include renowned historian Richard Bushman and geneticist Ugo Perego. We don't quite know how this happened, but Daniel will be speaking as well. Years of bugging the conference organizers must have paid off.

His presentation is entitled Metals and Gold Plates in Mesoamerica. Much of the information has been shared on this blog and on the BMAF website, but there will be some new material presented as well. If you will be in town, we invite you to attend. Derek should be there and our book will be on sale. This conference has a number of very prestigious speakers (and Daniel), so it should be a good one.

Click here for a PDF of the flyer.