01 January 2012

What awaits us in 2012

Happy New Year! The year of the end of the world is upon is! Or is it? Many things are being said about 2012, but is there really a reason to worry? What did the ancient Maya believe about the upcoming date of 21 December 2012? Not to share the secret too early, but we are not that concerned. Rather, we are quite excited about this year. The Book of Mormon is the topic in Gospel Doctrine classes this year and our new book, An LDS Guide to the Yucatán, will be coming out in electronic format this spring.

One of its chapters will deal with Maya dates and the significance of 2012. For those who can't wait, the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum has published the content of this chapter on their website. It has some really good information, based on the research of prominent Maya scholars, about this topic. It also gives some clues that suggest the Maya calendrical system may have been in use by Book of Mormon peoples.

To read the article at the BMAF's website, click here.