01 January 2013

Happy New Year

You may have noticed that the world has not ended and things are going along as usual. In fact, this Winter Solstice was just like any other, as far as we can tell. From the 22nd onward, all sorts of media sources have been saying that "the Mayas were wrong." Nothing could be further from the truth. All that happened was that a very large period of time lasting 5, 125 years ended. One cycle was over and another began. The Maya would see this as a great time of celebration (and in ancient days, blood sacrifice), but that's it. All the worry and speculation came from outside of Latin America. And have you ever noticed that everything you see about the calender (like this cartoon) actually shows an image of the Aztec calendar, which has nothing to do with the Maya civilization?

On the 21st, for the end of this calendar cycle, Daniel was the guest on a paranormal radio show, discussing the meaning of the Maya calendar. He also discussed what are called the Katún Prophecies, a group of 13 prophecies, each covering a 19.7-year period. Since the Maya viewed time as cyclical, events of the past foretold what would happen in the future, based on a recurring 256-year cycle. The prophecy for this current katún, or 19.7-year period, covering from now until 2032, predicts this: "For half there will be bread; for half there will be water. [It is] the word of God. For half of it there will be a temple for the rulers. [It is] the end of the word of God." We are not sure what that means, but the katún after that predicts blood, death, and the universal judgement of God. So maybe that's the time we should be worried about.

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