24 March 2011

Some bad news and some good news

First the bad news: it appears that our book did not win the LDS Reader poll at Goodreads. Spencer W. Kimball's Faith Precedes the Miracle won out. Well, being beaten by Pres. Kimball is not too bad. For the good news, Daniel was contacted recently by some interested LDS bishops from Chile, Israel González and Alvaro Figueroa.

They have a blog in Spanish for Book of Mormon evidences. Click here to view it. Somehow, they found Daniel's online presentation about metals and gold plates in Mesoamerica and created a Spanish version of it as a post in their blog. Daniel has been in contact with them, sharing ideas. It appears that there is not much information like this available for the Spanish-speaking world, so we are excited to help Israel and Alvaro in their goal to share these findings.

To do so, Alvaro had an interesting suggestion for Daniel. He is the bishop of the Libertador ward in the Chillán stake. He would like Daniel to give a fireside to his stake next month. No, he won't provide airfare to Chile; his plan is for Daniel to do an online presentation using Skype and a webcam for a fireside that would be projected onto a screen at a chapel in Chile. Until that time, Daniel and Alvaro are communicating back and forth to figure out the technical details to make this happen. We will let you know how it turns out. This is an exciting opportunity to share our research with another part of the world.

Click here to see their post on gold plates with images and content translated from Daniel's BMAF presentation.

13 March 2011

The first presentations of the year

We have finally been able to confirm some new dates for firesides and presentations. This Wednesday the 16th, Daniel will be giving the lunchtime discussion at the LDS Institute at Santa Rosa Junior College. It starts at noon and will run for almost an hour.

Next Sunday on 20 March, Daniel and Jared will be giving their latest multimedia presentation as part of a missionary activity. It will be held at the Petaluma chapel at 7:00 in the evening. The president of the Santa Rosa Mission will also be speaking. This looks to be an interesting event. If you are in the area and have some time on either of those days, we invite you to come by.

Derek and Daniel are working on some events in Utah in the next month or so. We will keep you posted when we have more information.