24 August 2011

An LDS Guide to the Yucatán

We are extremely pleased to announce that Cedar Fort, after many discussions initiated by Daniel, has agreed to publish our next book, albeit electronically. The current information we have is that it will be available through Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble for their e-readers, Kindle and Nook, respectively. It should also be available from our publisher as a direct download for those that don't have e-readers, but this could be a good reason to get one. As more formats become available, we will get the word out.

The authors at Chichén Itzá in 2006
Now you can read all about our experiences and adventures from our first-ever Mesoamerican trek through Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. This book will contain detailed information about sites like Ek Balam, Chichén, Itzá, Uxmal, the Caves of Loltún, Kabah, Xpujil, Becán, Calakmul, and Cobá. Thought-provoking evidence of gold plates, metal tools, unknown written languages, and indigenous horses will be presented as they pertain to these sites. Daniel had been discussing with the acquisitions editor at Cedar For on ways to cut costs on this next book. Initially, we were hoping for an actual hardcopy version to be published, but at least this way, the information gets out there and all of our color design, photos, and illustrations remain intact. If sales are good enough, they will consider publishing a physical book, so we are hopeful for that as well. We have also been told that our first book, An LDS Guide to Mesoamerica, is being prepared for release electronically.

Look for An LDS Guide to the Yucatán next year, in 2012. We feel that this could be just the right time for it. Not only will the Book of Mormon be the topic in Gospel Doctrine classes, but as everyone knows, it is the end of the Maya long count calendar, an event that has a lot of speculation flying back and forth. Our plan is to address this topic as well in the book, so it should be a worthwhile purchase. We will keep our followers updated on its progress.