02 April 2010

New article on gold plates

The blog has been quiet lately, but there are things going on in the background. Book signings and firesides are being planned for this summer and later in the year. Based on accounts from our publisher and our own efforts, we estimate that over 1300 copies of our book have been sold. Overall, that's a pretty good number for a book like this from a small publisher and market. But we would always like to do more, so check it out if you haven't done so yet.

In the meantime, Daniel has written a new paper on gold plates. This is an exciting topic and one that is at the heart of the Book of Mormon. There is interesting evidence for writing on gold plates from Mesoamerica that isn't discussed much. Read the paper to find out more and see how examples of ancient writing on metal plates from the Old World may relate. The BMAF has published this paper on their site and has asked Daniel to prepare a presentation from it. More news on that will be available as it develops.

The photo below is a fragment of a gold plate found in the well at Chichén Itzá. It has carvings and Mayan hieroglyphs around the edge. Daniel and Jared were able to see it and other artifacts in the archives of the Peabody Museum at Harvard during a research visit a few years ago. Read more in Daniel's paper on gold plates.

Click here to read the article online at the BMAF website.
Click here to download a formatted, multi-page PDF of the article.