Radio Interviews

Daniel has offered and been asked to do a number of radio interviews. On them, he has had opportunity to talk about our books, travels, and research. But he has also been a guest on a growing number of radio shows and podcasts that deal with supernatural or paranormal topics. Many show hosts have been quite interested in having him on to explain Mormon doctrine on such topics as spirits, life after death, angels, and more. These subjects are quite popular these days and we feel that Latter-Day Saints have some useful information to share. Click the links below to listen to archives of the shows. If you are a host or producer and would like to have Daniel on your show, just e-mail him and he would be happy to speak with you and arrange a time.

Spaced Out Weekend 
with James Tyson

Mormon Discussion Podcast with Brother Bill Reel

The Shadows Radio with Rebecca Brumble and Cara Taylor

The Rec Room Show with Tim

The Robert Christian Show on YouTube
Return to the Robert Christian Show on YouTube

The Shadows Radio with Rebecca Brumble and Cara Taylor

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion with Philip Comella

Truth Frequency Radio with Chris and Sheree Geo

Ghost Whisperer with Rachel Love and Connie Hansen 

Strange Days Indeed with Cara Marie

Drive Time Live with Mills Crenshaw

Mind Magick with Lady Dee

The New Normal with Tchipakkan

Valley Ghost Hunting with Chris Davis and Jenny Gurney

The True Gospel of Christ with Minister Roderick Fowler

PRT Paranormal Talk with Phillip Pearse

Spiritually Raw with hosts Ajay and April Matta

Drive Time Live on K-TALK AM 630 in Utah with Mills Crenshaw

Simply Spiritual Solutions podcast with Dr. Lisa Hurtt

Mormon Miscellaneous on K-TALK AM 630 in Utah with Van Hale

Spooky Southcoast with Tim Weisberg and Matt Moniz on WBSM AM 1240 in Massachusetts