Sites in Guatemala

We made another visit to Guatemala in 2008 after the writing was completed on An LDS Guide to Mesoamerica. Consequently, we have visited sites that are not in the book. We had some fascinating experiences in getting to them (some of which we don't want to repeat) and we have learned many interesting details about their history. Recently we have been feeling the need to share them, so we have started working on supplemental chapters or appendices to our book. The sites covered will be Cancuén, Piedras Negras, Ceibal, and Uaxactún. Each new chapter will be offered as an individual downloadable PDF.

Cancuén is a fascinating site that is currently undergoing excavations. Its ruling class met a violent end shortly before the city was burned and destroyed. The murdered bodies of men, women, and children were found dumped in a structure call the 'royal pool' by archaeologists. Many unique details about this artificial pool have non-LDS experts comparing it to the brazen sea at Solomon's temple in Jerusalem. Could this basically be an apostate baptismal font among the Classic Maya? Read about this surprising site situated on the banks of the picturesque Pasión River.

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