16 August 2013

More interviews and articles

Daniel's time in Utah working for the LDS Motion Picture Studio is over and he is heading home to California. During his time in Utah, he has been able to do some interviews and talk about our books. Recently, the Uintah Basin Standard newspaper interviewed him for a book review of both An LDS Guide to Mesoamerica and An LDS Guide to the Yucatán.

He also stopped by FAIR's conference in Provo, UT earlier this month to talk to a few people and see what it was all about. Tyler Livingston, who works with FAIR, later videoed Daniel for an upcoming DVD they are working on about Book of Mormon evidences.

The blog i am a reader.com also had a post about our books and Daniel supplied some personal information for it as well. Check it out to find out his favorite flavor of ice cream and who should play him if a movie were made of his life.

Click here to read the reviews in the Uintah Basin Standard.
Click here to read the blog post about Daniel and the books.

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