15 June 2013

Daniel interviewed for the Provo Daily Herald

Last Sunday, the Daily Herald newspaper in Provo had an article about the development of an internal Book of Mormon maps application for tablets and phones. Jedediah McClure is taking years of study of topographic data from locations mentioned in the Book of Mormon and is working on compiling them into an interactive and animated feature-filled app. Locations will include information about what went on there, according to the scriptural account. He isn't making any attempts to match up sites with geography in Mesoamerica or any other real-world location, but his idea sounds very useful for those wishing greater understanding of its history.

Daniel was interviewed, along with Brant Gardner, for his views on Mesoamerica as a likely candidate for Book of Mormon events. We look forward to more development on this project and wish Jedediah much success. Currently, he is seeking funding on Kickstarter.

Click here to read the article at the Daily Herald.
Click here for information on the app.

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