02 April 2013

A new podcast interview

Our blog has been quiet for a while, as life takes its toll and keeps us all busy with work, family, and many other things. Daniel has been working on working his presentation on hard evidence for ancient American horses, given at last year's BMAF conference, into a final paper, complete with full references and footnotes. He is also preparing for the cruise to Book of Mormon lands by Cruise Lady, which he will be headlining. The cruise and tours are scheduled for September of this year, so clear your calendars. We will post detailed information soon.

Minister Fowler
Daniel has also been in touch with hosts for podcasts about being a guest again. Some are in the works, but this Thursday evening the fourth of April, Daniel will be on The True Gospel of Christ, a podcast on Blogtalk Radio, hosted by Minister Roderick Fowler. He will be talking about the books, our studies, and LDS views in general. This should be an introductory show with a second one planned later if all goes well for listeners to call in. You can get more details and listen to it live by clicking here.

Click here for The True Gospel of Christ podcast.
Click here to listen to Daniel live.

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