30 November 2012

Radio spots this month

November has been a busy month for Daniel. A lot of radio and podcast shows had him scheduled to appear as a guest. On the 2nd, he appeared on the Spiritually Raw podcast as part of on episode entitled Alpha to Omega. A number of guests were scheduled for short interviews about their particular specialties. Daniel was up first and fielded some challenging questions. That episode is now online and listeners vote for which guest they want to have back on for a full-length interview. If you would like to hear Daniel back on, go to the website and vote!

On the 23rd, Daniel was invited to be a guest on Tehilla Radio in Trinidad and Tobago. The show is called The Truth Forum with host Irvin Paddier. This is a Caribbean Christian radio show, working at spreading the word of God in that part of the world. The appearance had been scheduled earlier in the month, but had to be changed because of some technical difficulties. This was Daniel's first time on a radio show broadcast from outside the U.S. Aside from some minor audio snags, it went fine and was an interesting experience. We do not know if this interview was recorded and will be available later, but we will let you know if we receive any new information.

Earlier this week on Monday the 26th, Daniel was on PRT Paranormal Talk, a podcast based in Riverside, CA with Phillip Pearse. As you might guess from the name of the show, it deals just with paranormal and other mysterious topics. Phillip was curious to hear the Mormon view about topics like hauntings, cryptids like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, and other such things. Obviously, we have something to say about some of these subjects, but others are left to speculation. Daniel and Phillip had a great conversation and we will be sending Phillip a copy of An LDS Guide to Mesoamerica for him to give away in a contest that he holds between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Click here to listen.

As you can see, the appearance on Strange Days Indeed was just the last in a long line of spots Daniel did this month. Currently, nothing new is scheduled, but several of these guests have asked him if he would be willing to come on again and hosts from other shows have expressed interest as well. As always, we will keep you updated on what eventually happens.

Click here to listen to Alpha and Omega on Spiritually Raw.
Click here to register and vote for Daniel.
Click here to listen to PRT Paranormal Talk.

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