06 October 2012

Daniel speaks on Simply Spiritual Solutions

Recently, Daniel was contacted and asked to be the guest on an Internet radio show called Simply Spiritual Solutions. The host is Dr. Lisa Hurtt and she discusses spiritual and paranormal topics with her guests. There wasn't time to make a new post about it, because the request came with short notice, but Daniel is always eager to accept these opportunities, so he said yes. There wasn't much time to prepare, but he had a very enjoyable time talking with Dr. Hurtt about LDS doctrine and teachings concerning the pre-existence, the spirit world, and our purpose on earth. We are always surprised by the amount of interest that exists in what are really just basic doctrines of our church. More radio show hosts and producers have contacted Daniel to schedule him on future shows, so we will keep you informed when that happens. Even though the topics covered don't relate directly to our studies into Mesoamerica and the Book of Mormon, Daniel is still more than happy to talk to anyone who will listen (as usual).

Click here to listen to an archive of the show.

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