15 April 2012

Guest on a paranormal radio show

In a surprising turn of events, Daniel contacted a paranormal-themed radio show based in Massachusetts, Spooky Southcoast. His purpose was to see if they were interested in an LDS perspective on topics like ghosts, hauntings, life after death, angels, and so on. They responded quite quickly and thought it would be a great idea for a show, since Mormons are in the news a lot these days and no one seems to know what our take on these topics is.

He was invited to be the guest on their 7 April live show. Daniel was kept on for an hour and a half, answering many questions on the origin of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, missions, the Word of Wisdom, temples and other core LDS beliefs, instead of many of the topics he had prepared. There was still a substantial amount of time to discuss the nature of spirits, the pre-existence, ministering of angels, life on other planets, and so on, but there seemed to be a great deal of interest in our basic beliefs. Daniel was also able to talk about the books and the experiences and research that led to them. We hope this was an enlightening experience for all involved. Daniel had a good time and the hosts were quite pleasant and sincere. In fact, he wouldn't mind doing this again.

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Bradly Wilson said...

Great interview. By the way the above link is to the wrong episode, the correct link is http://spookysouthcoast.hipcast.com/deluge/07176fb6-957c-705d-50d0-bf48973fdc99.mp3
The interview starts at about 10 minutes in.

Too bad you weren't able to bring up:
1) the disembodied spirits that followed Satan (the reason for discouraging dabbling with the occult would be to not contact these evil spirits)
2) the idea that the spirit world is here where we are now

Would have been interesting to discuss those ideas.

Dan Johnson said...

Thanks for the comments. I did have these topics in mind, but we just didn't have time. They seemed to want to discuss a lot of basic beliefs, so I just went with it. If the opportunity ever comes up again, I certainly hope to talk about them.

Thanks for the note about the link. I thought it used to be correct, but I'll fix it.

mormonfaith101 said...

you mentioned in the program, that the it was 'commanded' that the membership of the church - stop practicing polygamy. where can i find your source?