22 April 2011

New firesides coming up and Brazilian fans

A lot has been going on behind the scenes these days. Daniel is putting the final touches on his fireside for the ward in Chile. He has done them in Spanish before, but this time, it will also be done over the Internet, using Skype to video-conference. It's scheduled for this Sunday afternoon. Bishop Alvaro Figueroa is our contact in Chile, and he is putting it together. Absent any technical difficulties that could understandably arise, we are looking forward to this one.

In other South American news, we have been sent a site that has Daniel's Metals and Gold Plates online presentation translated into Portuguese. It looks like there is a connection with our Chilean friends. Elson C. Ferreira translated our content into Portuguese for a post on the From Jerusalem to the Americas blog. Like the Spanish one, this was a surprise to us, but we are always pleased with more opportunities to share our research and the book.

Closer to home, Daniel and Jared have a fireside on Sunday, the 1st of May. It will be at 7:00 pm at the Yulupa chapel in Santa Rosa, CA. This is near the area where Jared grew up, so he has friends and family there. We gave a presentation at this chapel a couple of years ago, so it will be nice to get back there. As usual, if you are in the area, drop in and see us.

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