22 February 2011

Trailer for our Mesoamerican video

Hopefully, you've seen our videos from the Yucatán, but since the book is about Guatemala, southern Mexico and Honduras, you may be wondering if there is any video from that trip. Well, there is, but it has been locked away in Derek's camera for a while. He and Daniel are working through some technical difficulties to download it, but until that happens, we have put together a little trailer, sort of a taste of what is to come. We will post updates on its progress, but until it is out, take a look at this introduction.


For the full-size version of this and all of our Mesoamerican videos, visit Daniel's YouTube channel, TheIndianaJohnson.


Jeff said...


I checked out the trailer...its interesting...at least on my PC laptop, I had a hard time getting the volume cranked up enough.

Jeff Rouse
South Jordan, UT

Dan Johnson said...

There are some lower volume parts, but I was able to hear it okay.