21 September 2009

Our first Spanish fireside

Daniel gave a fireside on the 6th of this month at the Oakland multi-stake center next to the temple. It was the first one in Spanish, finally. All in all, it went okay, but he will have to brush up on some more vocabulary if it happens again. Many attendees asked if our book was available in Spanish, but sadly, no. That would be a great idea, but if it ever happens, it's a long way off. We were told that up to 160 people attended the fireside, so that is a good turnout.

Daniel was even told that David Archuleta was in town visiting relatives and came to the fireside because he was interested and his mother is from Honduras. When asked if he knew who David Archuleta was, Daniel had to respond that he didn't. Pop culture was never one of his strong points. For those of you still in the dark, he is quite a famous runner-up on American Idol and from Utah. So now we have had a celebrity hear the fireside. We'll be expecting a song about the book soon!

More events are scheduled for next month. Daniel will be in SLC for the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum's annual conference, selling the book. Maybe next year, he will finally get the chance to speak. He will also be giving a fireside and doing book signings at Classic Books and Gifts in Lehi on that Friday evening. As usual, he is looking for other fireside opportunities while he is there, so let us know. More details will be forthcoming.

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