05 June 2009

June events and a new article online - Metalworking

Our summer is beginning to fill with events. On Saturday 6 June, Daniel will be at Beehive Bookstore in Campbell, CA from 12 to 2 pm for a book signing. This is our first official book signing at a store, so we are looking forward to it. Just a couple of weeks later on the 20th, Daniel will be at Far West Books in Fresno from 11 am to 1 pm to meet customers and sign books. He will also give a fireside at the Fresno Stake Center on the evening of the 21st at 6 pm. The odd thing is that we still don't know if it will be in Spanish or not, so it should be a fun challenge. The Petaluma fireside has been moved to July, so we will post updated information on that one later. We are still trying to plan a fireside and book signing tour near the LA area by the end of the summer, so stay tuned. We encourage anyone in the neighborhood on these dates to drop by.

In other news, Daniel has finished a paper on metallurgy and Ancient America. Many different types of metals and alloys are mentioned in the Book of Mormon, and it can be a challenge to figure out how it all relates to known archaeology. In his article, Daniel explains the latest theories on when metalworking began in the Americas and why evidence of Nephite metals may be hard to find. He also shows some unexpected ancient metal implements from both the Old and New Worlds. The Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum has published this paper on their website, so we are very pleased about that. They had considered inviting Daniel to speak at their annual conference this year, but it looks like the spaces may already be taken. However, they are keeping him in mind for next year.

Click here to read the article online at the BMAF website.

Click here to download a formatted, multi-page PDF of the article.

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