01 December 2008

New review from the Association of Mormon Letters

The Association for Mormon Letters, a non-profit organization promoting the production and study of Mormon literature, has reviewed our book and has some nice things to say. Among them are:

"This is, however, a very informative book that is enjoyable both to read and to flip through. Also, while the authors search for links in historical information and the Book of Mormon, they try to maintain the spiritual aspect of their search as a top priority.

Those readers who enjoy finding various perspectives on frequently discussed topics will find this book a welcome addition to their collection. It is a book that families can enjoy looking at together. Even small children will enjoy the pictures. Although there is no definitive study proving exactly where Book of Mormon events took place, the reading of this particular book can give the reader a greater appreciation of the world in which the writers and participants of the Book of Mormon may have lived."

Click here to read the full review.

We are pleased and thankful to receive so many positive reviews of our work and hope that those who have bought or received it are enjoying it as well. We gave a well attended residential fireside in November and are trying to plan another one in Northern California soon. We will keep you posted.

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